Other Manufacturing Services

Diverse Manufacturing Solutions for Your Business Needs


Alaska Ice Sdn Bhd extends its expertise to a wide array of manufacturing services beyond ice-related products. We take pride in our ability to cater to diverse industries and businesses, offering tailored manufacturing solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Our Offerings Include

Plastic Bag Manufacturing


  • Reliable plastic bag manufacturing services
  • Customizable sizes and designs available
  • Suitable for various industries and applications


Icebox Manufacturing


  • Durable and efficient iceboxes
  • Custom sizes and designs available
  • Ideal for businesses requiring cold storage solutions


Cold Room Builder


  • Tailored cold room design and construction
  • Advanced temperature control systems
  • Energy-efficient and compliant solutions


Refrigerated Truck Body


  • Customized refrigerated truck bodies
  • Reliable temperature monitoring and control
  • Suitable for various transportation needs


Concrete Products


  • Custom concrete product manufacturing
  • High-quality construction materials
  • Versatile designs for various applications




  • Premium quality coconuts available for sale
  • Fresh and sustainably sourced
  • Ideal for culinary, beverage, and industrial uses


Fisheries Products


  • An assortment of high-quality seafood products
  • Fresh and frozen seafood options
  • Sourced from reputable fisheries and suppliers


Why Choose Us

Our commitment to quality, customization, and industry standards remains constant across all our manufacturing services. Whether you require specialized equipment, construction materials, or cold storage solutions, Alaska Ice Sdn Bhd is your trusted partner for excellence.